Experience of use Harmonica

During pregnancy, Elizabeth gained 24 kg

Harmonica drops have helped many people to get a slim figure. Elizabeth from Bucharest shared her experience with us, who used eye drops and managed to lose weight.

"Throughout my youth I was beautiful and slim. I always bathed in men's attention, wore beautiful clothes, loved myself and enjoyed life. For a long time I chose a husband and found what I was looking for.

We had a strong family, we respected each other, we had a trusting relationship that brought us nothing but joy. For the first few years we lived for our pleasure and then we decided to have a child.

During pregnancy, I gained 24 kilos

As soon as I got pregnant, I started gaining weight quickly. I still didn't have a stomach, but my chest and thighs were much bigger. As soon as my stomach started to grow, he immediately added a few pounds to me. I didn't recognize my body, it was gaining weight right before my eyes.

Why didn't anyone say it's like that? I developed stretch marks on the hips, chest and abdomen, edema and obvious excess weight. The pregnancy was normal, my doctor said that what was happening to my body was normal and that everything would return to normal after I gave birth.

In the ninth month of pregnancy, I turned into a ball, none of my clothes fit me, and my body felt like a stretched-out bag. What I felt at the same time - not telling anyone.

I really wanted to be a mother, but my shape led me to depression. My husband tried to cheer me up, but I saw that he didn't like me and was very cold to me. I gave birth to a child, I almost didn't breastfeed because he didn't have milk. Two months after giving birth, I fully recovered and began to actively lose weight.

The diet helped me lose 6 kg

My appearance annoyed me - from a slender beautiful girl, I turned into a shapeless creature my husband paid no attention to. After the pregnancy, I got 14 kilos more and decided to look pretty again.

Drops from Harmonica helped her return to her former form

The first thing I did was stop eating sweets and flour and tried to avoid fried foods. My husband supported me and also tried to follow a healthy diet. I managed to lose 6 kilos in a month, but the weight hasn't changed anymore.

Drops came to the rescue Harmonica

I seriously thought about how to lose weight quickly. After a detailed analysis of all ways to lose weight, I have decided that Harmonica drops are right for me. I counted on the composition, working principle and revisions. These drops have helped a large number of people to lose weight, including those who gained weight after giving birth. The example of these women completely convinced me, and I asked for drops for myself.

I received Harmonica delivered in two days. How to use the drops and the exact principle of their action became clear to me after reading the instructions. The taste was quite pleasant and started to show results after a week of use. A layer of fat on my stomach immediately started to melt and I felt my usual pants were as tight on me as before.

That's how, step by step, I lost 6 kilos in two weeks. The problem areas visibly decreased in volume, the amount of adipose tissue and edema significantly decreased. While taking the product, my activity increased, I wanted to play sports and perform feats. I also exercised to lose weight at home, which allowed me to tighten my buttocks.

I am very happy to have discovered the Harmonica tool. I advise anyone who wants to have a great figure to use it. "